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                  ABOUT US

                  Anhui instrumentation new materials co., LTD., is located in anqing city, anhui province high-tech zone, is one of the largest hydroxyl monomer by domestic producers, one of wuxi city sanlian Yang chemical co., LTD.,a wholly owned subsidiary of investment.Sanlian chemical co., LTD. Is the first manufacturer in China to engage in (methyl)...

                  CORPORATE CULTURE

                  Corporate culture: integrity and vitality:
                  Company vision: the pursuit of excellence, a hundred years of enterprise.
                  Marketing philosophy: to promote win-win situation with integrity.
                  The purpose of enterprise: people-oriented, honest operation according to law; Keep innovating and creating the future; Realize value maximization, reward society, promote social progress.


                  No. 188, crown road, anqing city, anhui province

                  Contact us