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                  Anhui instrumentation new materials co., LTD., is located in anqing city, anhui province high-tech zone, is one of the largest hydroxyl monomer by domestic producers, one of wuxi city sanlian Yang chemical co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of investment. 
                  Sanlian chemical co., LTD. Is the first manufacturer in China to engage in (methyl) acrylic acid hydroxy ester, producing 20,000 tons (methyl) acrylic acid hydroxy ester. On the basis of this new material new instrumentation in provincial chemical industrial park covers an area of 50 mu, a total investment of more than 70 million yuan, design annual production capacity of 70000 tons of (meth) acrylic acid hydroxy esters and 3000 tons of bornyl acetate (meth) acrylic acid, as the country and the world's leading suppliers hydroxyl monomer. 
                  Instrumentation using more advanced technology, new materials to improve product quality at the same time reduces the consumption of raw materials, at the same time response national policy, invested a lot of money for safe production and environmental protection construction, reduce the "three wastes" emissions. With leading technology, strict management and professional team, we will provide better products and services for global customers.